Homeopathy has an amazing track record in supporting the immune system.

The #1 thing you can do to boost immunity and reduce susceptibility is to see a classical homeopath for constitutional care.  If you aren't under constitutional care and would still like homeopathic support during an acute health situation, you can schedule an acute consultation on the scheduling page.

Its highly beneficial to have a homeopath that knows you and will be a resource in times of illness as well as in health. If you are not currently working with a homeopathic practitioner and you would like to, fill free to contact me. 

In addition to Homeopathy, things you can do to support yourself during times of stress and illness

  • Taking measures to boost your immune system is paramount for health and reliance in the case of any illness. 
  • Take good measures of caring for yourself and support the immune system:
  • Getting enough rest
  • Drinking plenty of water 
  • Washing your hands. 
  • Exercise
  • Reduce stress (fear and stress contributes to a weakened immune system)

If you want to know more or schedule a consult, there is a link to my scheduling page


Please be advised that homeopaths are not always MDs.